SIRCEM CM S.p.A. is a company specialised in the study, design and production of systems that are complementary to serving food grade pasta production lines,that aggregates, in terms of competence, managerial, design and operational capacities, an inheritance from SIRCEM S.p.A., a company that was founded early sixties and that, in a half a Century of activity, strongly established itself in Italy and then, beginning in the eighties, expanded its activity in all of Europe with systems designed and produced completely based on its own technologies and capacity. During the nineties the company started collaborations with the most important Companies manufacturing food grade pasta production lines and this led SIRCEM S.p.A. to extend its activities throughout the world.

SIRCEM CM S.p.A. designs and produces “customised” systems for each individual Customer, considering the individual and particular requirements of every single Customer: this is a fundamental principle of the design and production philosophy of the company, competitive pricing and with solutions that are always cutting edge, making use of the internal group Design Department and third party specialists, which have been tied to them throughout a long time collaboration.

SIRCEM CM S.p.A. produces machines and systems for the food, animal feed and chemical industry as well as for processing plastic materials.

Customers are equally divided between national and international, with a tendency, in the last few years, according to the worldwide economic evolution, to a natural and progressive increase of the second category. As already mentioned, company competitiveness is concentrated on the specialist design capacity, placing SIRCEM CM S.p.A., in the condition to consistently be able to respond to the always new process specifications of different customers, with the ever increasing design precision. The industrial offering is enriched by a valued capacity for specialist consulting: technical and administrative, in order to support the Customer with different system, productive and financial requirements which inevitably arise, when taking on the task of creating new systems and/or industrial renovation and modernisation.

The company design qualifications essentially find their origins in internal human resources: expert, with a high level of specialist preparation also supported by design hardware and software that is always cutting edge.